Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Collaborative Projects

This article and the problems that it brings up reminds me of the Ted talk by the woman who wrote the book quiet. It was about the power of the introvert and she mentions how classrooms are moving away from anything hat requires deep individual though. She says that everything today is done in groups to encourage collaboration and teamwork. Although she doesn’t necessarily see this as all bad she mentions that those who are introverts are being constantly overwhelmed with other peoples chatter and would benefit from more time to think about the problem individually before it is brought to a group. Creative ideas do not always come from a group and individuals should also be encouraged to think, not just the group.

I thought that this related to this article because this article brings up a lot of stumbling blocks associated with group work. They’re not necessarily the concerns that she has but nonetheless involve rethinking group work and formatting it differently. These author mentions that conversation is essential to knowledge but he takes a very broad stance on what conversation entails. I like the fact that he brings digital resources in that allow a certain amount of individual thinking and eliminate some of the group work problems such as clashing personalities.

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