Friday, 10 August 2012

Final Project

I am creating activities for a grade 10 FSL class for a unit on childhood.

Google Form:

I like the idea of using a Google form as a questionnaire for the beginning of a unit. It exposes students to new vocabulary through having to look up words and eases them into using applications on the blog. I would likely ask them to do this at the end of the first class with the help of a dictionary and their classmates. Alternatively I would ask them to do it at home to give them time to look up vocab. I would use the spreadsheet function for the form the next class to show them what their peers answered and as a class we would create the “top 3” of all the categories in the classroom. It is a fun activity that gives them the chance to look at the vocabulary others have found and to get a glimpse into the collective childhoods of the class.


I wanted to use jeopardy as a form of review that they could do in class in groups. If I split them into groups of four they can run their individual jeopardy games with the one I created and they can submit a list of jeopardy winners to me at the end. This way it is not always the same person answering the class jeopardy questions and everyone has a chance to practice the vocabulary in small groups. I like that it can later be posted on the blog for them to refer back to. I would also ask them to lead the jeopardy game in French to get them used to doing different tasks in the target language.

My Jeopardy Template


I wanted to use polyvore as a visual representation for an in-class presentation on childhood. I would want the students to create a visual with lots of different elements that they can explain. This would help them discover vocabulary and would provide visual support that would aid comprehension in their presentations. I would either use this as a visual element for their final project or would encourage them to create this at the beginning of the unit as an inspiration board for the rest of the classes. This would allow them to refer back to their visual Polyvore creation and pick a writing topic or toy from the ones they already chose if they couldn’t think of something. If they used it as a visual element for the final project I would ask them to talk about what each image represents in a presentation to the class.

Mon Enfance

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