Thursday, 2 August 2012

Curate Your Materials

Although I understand the difference between collecting and curating resources, I would definitely consider myself more of a collector at this point in my life. Although I appreciate it when other curate resources at put them on the web I feel that I need to collect resources in quantity so that I can later evaluate them for myself. I do like the idea of curating this material eventually once I have had time to test it out and see what does and doesn’t work in the classroom. I think that you need to have a certain amount of practical experience with the application before you dismiss it as being unworthy of your curated collection.

 The way that I would do this is by doing an activity involving the program with students and seeing if it worked well in the context in which I was trying to use it. This links in well with what the author of the article was saying about students curating these programs. The choose, categorize or dismiss something as being unworthy of a curated collection you need to have fairly in-depth knowledge of the theme or subject area being studied. This could be a good way of putting students in charge of their education by narrowing down what tools are useful to them and what tools might have value for other students.

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